DIY Table Numbers


In a previous post a while back, I posted a little DIY insight into what I was planning as part of my wedding decor. Here is a closer look. I recycled different wine bottles & made them into table numbers as pictured, as well as aisle & wishing well decorations. They are completely easy to make, but they do get a little messy & tideous.
1.Old wine bottles. The more random, the better
2.Chalkboard paint/ spray
3.Your choice of ribbon- in this case I used something really cheap like twine.
4.Chalk (if you want a really rustic look) or Chalkboard Marker (if you want a “clean-around-the-edges” & more defined result, less mess)
5. Gold spray paint (optional)
6. Small roller for the chalkboard paint. Not needed if you are using chalkboard spray paint

1. Soak wine bottles in hot, soapy water for about 10 mins to dislodge label. Most labels peel off very easily & clean- some are just a bitch, so I had to use a metal spoon to scrape & scrub off the label. Let dry
2. Cut very carefully (I used small scissors), the metal seal around the neck of bottle
3. Spray (faster method) or use the roller to colour the bottle with the chalkboard paint & let dry.
4. Give it a second- or third coating, up to you.
5. Tie it with your choice of ribbon
6. Decorate with the chalk marker & voila~

Extra: If you want to the gold neck: I used white tape halfway down the neck to indicate where I’d like it to stop. Then I sprayed gold paint on it & let dry. After, I tied twine around the neck. Or in my case, I even spray-painted the aisle runners entirely in gold & added babys breath into it.

You can wash off the chalkboard pen & change the wording to whatever you like. I had variations at my wedding like “E & G”, “LOVE” etc… Can’t wait to re-use this again when I have a house warming/party in the future 🙂

For the Homebodies

G & I are known to be candle hoarders. Anytime that I am home for a couple of hours, I would have one burning in our bedroom or in the living area (where I am currently writing this post) There is just something calming, soothing & indulgent with having scented candles around, and, depending on the scent, is reminiscent of either a tropical beach house (coconut scents) to cuddly sweater weather (vanilla & wood based scents) I’d been wanting to try my hand at making my own for a while and decided to make an afternoon of it, using mismatched vintage teacups I picked up at the flea market. Not only do they look adorable, but they’d also make an ideal gift since after the candle’s been used up (with some soaking in some boiling soapy water), the recipient would have a cute set of vintage teacups. Aside from that, I’ve also started making them into cool apothecary jars which I am going to sell soon- for other homebodies just like me 🙂 Watch this space!




Midas Touch

Ever since I saw the various posts of gold inspired Halloween decorations, I have been itching to emulate them on things other than skulls, pumpkins & acorns. Whilst I already voiced my concerns about DIY troubles here in my past blog, I still wanted to create something, but fuss free & fast. These cute Lucky Buddha beer bottles were begging for a makeover from their original emerald green colouring. I have always loved the idea of novelty bottles such as the infamous Crystal skull heads, so not only that I love drinking Lucky Buddha beer, using them for this project seemed nothing less than perfect. I would have loved to try gilding, but the process requires much time & a patient hand- which I lack. Solution? Gold spray paint!




SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC[Spray paint from Bunnings Warehouse which cost about $22]


Sunday Camberwell Market

There’s a first for everything, and this time, it was my first at a Flea Market. (yay!)

Although I have lived in Melbourne since 2002, I have yet to rate myself as a Melbourne city aficionado! Let’s just say, if I was to play a tour guide for a day, I’d be a boring one. I feel like, even if I had lived here my entire life, the list of things to see & do is still endless- and I have yet to start! Can someone please take me out around Melbourne properly?!

It begs the question: Why is it that tourists explore Melbourne so much more than the locals? I for one, have heard about this Sunday Market a billion times- but I just never made the effort to check it out! Sad, I know.

After tirelessly (& successfully) stalking the Camberwell Sunday Market page to get myself a spot to sell my old goodies, my best friend & I decided to check out the venue last Sunday to suss it out.


[Very 90s aka AQUA style]
SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC[Oh lala… more fur coats. I’m obsessed]

SONY DSC[Warm Rabbit fur vest- $50]

SONY DSC [Budding designers with their handmade goodies]SONY DSC[Another $50 fox fur jacket- where have you been all my life!]

SONY DSC[Ballerina]

SONY DSC[Old photograhps]

Will definitely try to make this a monthly visit!



The Engagement

For our engagement party, we opted instead for a small get together in our backyard with our family, bridal party, their partners & several close friends. We wanted a small & intimate gathering to reflect the overall theme of our upcoming wedding in December.

I didn’t want it to be the conventional type of ‘backyard BBQ’, instead I wanted to inject it with some elements of our wedding but without breaking the bank. Our backyard also looked very lacklustre (and jungle like before) so I really wanted to spice up the place a bit to make it look more elegant & aesthetically pleasing. I figured that even if it doesn’t turn out looking like something out of ‘Vogue Wedding’, at least something wedding-like rather than just a boring backyard.



[Picture from Pinterest]