A Mini Soirée

I am secretly a nervous wreck everytime my friends come over. There were countless times when they have rocked up, and I end up having an awkward moment serving the wrong food & drinks (pumpkin soup anyone?), or have nothing prepared at all. I was always flustered on how I looked or what I wore, that I stressed more than to enjoy the company. Were you at all like me? Overtime, (besides giving less of a fuck with my outfits) I gathered a couple of simple & quick ways to entertain friends while over.

Just last Wednesday, I had my bridesmaids come over to try on their dresses. It was a much needed catch up since coming back from our trip. I know the girls prefer to snack, drink & chat, rather than eat a proper dinner, so I prepared a simple fruit platter that consisted of sliced apples, watermelon, strawberries & kiwi. These were the fruits I used for the Red & White Sangrias as well, so that was hitting 3 birds with 1 stone. There were also cheese & charcuterie which consisted of hot salami, a small serving of pasta in pesto dressing & olives in chilli oil. The girls also brought over some snacks like Pringles, Tim Tams etc which added to the variety. Overall, I’m proud to say, I think I did alright hosting this mini soirée 😛

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC IMG_3796_副本 IMG_3808_副本 IMG_3809_副本

[If you are wondering what this is, it’s ice cubes but with raspberries in it to add a bit of fun & colour!]

I’d like to know what you like to serve for your friends that’s simple to make, easy to eat & clean later?

Here is a recap of my Sangria recipe!

Red Sangria: Always so quick & easy to prepare, because really it’s just a jumble of cheap red, soda, fruits & sugar (optional) There is no ‘right’ mix to it, you can simply add whatever else you like in there.

Mine goes like this.
1. Bottle of Red (My choice would be Cab Sav, Pinot Noir, Sweet Red)
2. Chopped up fruits – 1x small apple, 1x lemon, lots of strawberries/raspberries, peach slices.
3. 2/3 cup of sugar for those who like it sweet (optional)
4. Leave an hour to overnight in fridge
5. Right before serving, top up with Soda Water or Lemonade & ice cubes

White Sangria:
1. Bottle of White (My Choice would be Chardonnay or Sav Blanc)
2. Squeezed Orange & Lemon Juice (1 of each)
3. 2/3 cup of sugar (optional)
4. 1x Kiwi, 1x Lemon slices, 1x Orange slice for looks
5. Right before serving, top up with Lemonade, Soda or Ginger Ale & ice cubes!

We had a total of 7 girls & these 2 jugs were surprisingly more than enough!




I’ve been to Langkawi before but never with the girls. The last time I went, I stayed here in Tanjung Rhu & blogged about it a little here right after our Japan trip. Because the resort was so amazing, G & I never ventured out to the main area of the island until our last day, so exploring it with the girls once again was a treat. Of course, most time was also spent by the pool/beach tanning. Our main goals for this vacation were simple: close proximity to the beach in a quiet, secluded place. We enjoyed every minute of it. Our days were blissfully unscheduled and relaxing – here’s a little glimpse of what they looked like.

SONY DSC[Boarding from KL to Langkawi]SONY DSCSONY DSC[KL airport: Relying heavily on this chillin Green Tea Latte]SONY DSC[Sister asleep]SONY DSCSONY DSC [Waiting at our gate: Don’t care…instead we must take a selfie]SONY DSC[Snap happy]

SONY DSC[Enroute on our boat to Rebak Island]SONY DSCSONY DSC[The Taj signature cocktails by the pool]SONY DSCSONY DSC[Sizzling]SONY DSC[Teaching Tammi how to swim]SONY DSCSONY DSCIMG_3208_副本[Cenang beach: about to banana boat, scared shitless]
IMG_3272_副本[Fresh cold coconuts from Vivanta resort]
SONY DSCIMG_3366_副本[Fresh lobsters from Orkid Ria Seafood (left) & Telaga Seafood (right) at Cenang beach]SONY DSC[The view of Andaman sea from the Sheraton pool]
IMG_3212_副本[Roti Tissue at Cenang beach]IMG_3451IMG_3389_副本IMG_3459_副本SONY DSCIMG_3260_副本[Sunset at Vivanta pools]SONY DSCIMG_3311_副本[Jetstar jump?]IMG_3281_副本IMG_3347_副本SONY DSC[Shoe selfie- the new thang]IMG_3408_副本[Cenang beach]IMG_3428_副本


Back from my one week Hens trip over at Langkawi Island & I’m super well 🙂

Thank you so so much to my bridesmaids- Mimi, Tammi, JJ, Sandra, Michelle & Delinda for making this bachelorette trip so unforgettable. It’s been a while since I spent a weekend with just my girlfriends – hanging out by the beach & pool, laughing, enjoying the sun whilst drinking, gossiping, playing funny games & eating our body weight in Malaysian street delights (more often that I’d like to admit)

A very special thanks to Mimi my Matron of Honour & more importantly, my BIG sister, for taking the time to organise this trip with the girls & finding one of the most surreal places to stay- Vivanta Rebak Island Resort by Taj. You have done so much for me all these years & always looked out for me- a big sister where I can find solace & mend a broken heart, a friend to cheer me up, a protector & a motherly figure when I needed Mom. Thank you so much… I love you so so much & this trip would not have been possible without your awesome organisational & persuasion skills & of course you. You made the awesome choice of Langkawi too! A very special place to me 🙂 Now it’s even more special because of this trip~

Tammi, my bridesmaid, also my sis-in-law, for staying the rest of the week with me over at the Sheraton resort. Super impressed that you tried that dirty street food with me more than once (especially the ice cubes!) Going to miss our HBO late nights in our cosy beds without the boys, wining & dining in the evenings by the pool/seaside, our swimming ‘lessons’ & tanning time!

JJ, my bridesmaid, my J-Boog– thank you for coming on this trip despite commitments to your business (Natural Wellness)Things have been stressful for you & taken a toll on your health, but even so, you soldiered on & always pull out that sexy priceless smile…I am so proud of you my girl & glad that I can in some ways, also make you smile & take the pain away, even for a bit while you were on this trip (try to push Michelle into the pool again?)

Sandra, my bridesmaid & my #Bokaybitch, thank you for being there. You made such a big commitment recently & I’m so grateful you made it to this trip despite your busy schedule with work. Thanks for being there all the time when I need to vent about anything & everything, anytime of the day. You know me inside & out (waxing details too?) & I could not go through this wedding without you by my side 🙂 (hold my hand ok?)

Michelle, my bridesmaid, my dragon lady, my No.1 bitch. I LERR YOU LAH! You made this trip super fun larrr & I think it’s safe to say, everyone agrees. Without you, there will be less laughter (& bitchiness, sunglasses OFF) & we would not have known Mr Loo (summer romance) You are one of a kind & I am so lucky & blessed to know your unique soul & have you as a friend. ❤ Have you thought, maybe the ‘feistiness’ came from your bitchy relative we met on the boat? Ok don’t kill me.

Delinda, my bridesmaid & my kid sister-always (no matter what your size is or how tall you are now) Love you so much kiddo & super grateful you came on to this trip. For an 18 year old, you are super level headed & have a kind heart. I am in love with your mind (partly thanks to my influence of course haha) Thanks for being so patient with me & being my squire like, all the time (you are my Podrick) I really hope Michelle didn’t damage & pervert your mind too much? (Nipple flash!)

Thank you for taking some time out of your life & loved ones, to spend it with ME hehe, moreover, a trip overseas as well which is a big commitment to make. Thank you for surprising me & making me laugh so much that my insides hurt.

I will remember this trip for the rest of my life & re-tell it in stories to my children one day 🙂

SONY DSC[The obligatory shot of our plane window view)SONY DSC[Our fave spot by the pool]IMG_3194_副本[Bridesmaids]

IMG_3160_副本[Missing you Langkawi]




Midas Touch

Ever since I saw the various posts of gold inspired Halloween decorations, I have been itching to emulate them on things other than skulls, pumpkins & acorns. Whilst I already voiced my concerns about DIY troubles here in my past blog, I still wanted to create something, but fuss free & fast. These cute Lucky Buddha beer bottles were begging for a makeover from their original emerald green colouring. I have always loved the idea of novelty bottles such as the infamous Crystal skull heads, so not only that I love drinking Lucky Buddha beer, using them for this project seemed nothing less than perfect. I would have loved to try gilding, but the process requires much time & a patient hand- which I lack. Solution? Gold spray paint!




SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC[Spray paint from Bunnings Warehouse which cost about $22]