Sunday Camberwell Market

There’s a first for everything, and this time, it was my first at a Flea Market. (yay!)

Although I have lived in Melbourne since 2002, I have yet to rate myself as a Melbourne city aficionado! Let’s just say, if I was to play a tour guide for a day, I’d be a boring one. I feel like, even if I had lived here my entire life, the list of things to see & do is still endless- and I have yet to start! Can someone please take me out around Melbourne properly?!

It begs the question: Why is it that tourists explore Melbourne so much more than the locals? I for one, have heard about this Sunday Market a billion times- but I just never made the effort to check it out! Sad, I know.

After tirelessly (& successfully) stalking the Camberwell Sunday Market page to get myself a spot to sell my old goodies, my best friend & I decided to check out the venue last Sunday to suss it out.


[Very 90s aka AQUA style]
SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC[Oh lala… more fur coats. I’m obsessed]

SONY DSC[Warm Rabbit fur vest- $50]

SONY DSC [Budding designers with their handmade goodies]SONY DSC[Another $50 fox fur jacket- where have you been all my life!]

SONY DSC[Ballerina]

SONY DSC[Old photograhps]

Will definitely try to make this a monthly visit!



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