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SONY DSCHello there 🙂

I’m Elly & I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia.

I currently reside in Melbourne, Australia since 2002 & have called this place home ever since.

My blog is about my everyday life encounters- my usual take on fashion, recipes, DIYs, thoughts & product or restaurant/cafe reviews My photos are either taken from my iPhone 5, Sony NX5 & now a Canon 100D- I don’t have a photographer with a DSLR following me around & my husband G, is usually too lazy to take photos of me. Oh well! I hope that you guys can relate to my experiences & I hope I ‘inspire’ you to find inspiration in small things in life as well.

P.S: If you like my blog, please do leave encouraging comments! I would really appreciate it 🙂


One thought on “About Me/ Contact

  1. Hey Ellen
    I just randomly found your bold when Google the Burberry Chadstone ;). I had luckily be accepted by Burberry last week n will hopefully start to work at Chadstone bouquet soon ~ yay~ really exiting at the moment. Just wondering if you can share some experiences or thoughts about working with the chadstone team with me as Im acturally feeling a bit nervous about turning on a brand new page of my career life. I’ll be really appreciate and looking for your reply~~

    THX a lot 🙂

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