That Dress

Have you guys got that dress that is comfortable to wear & suits 90% of all occasions?

That dress where- when you can’t be bothered to sort out your tops & bottoms, you just think “Meh… this dress will do”

Well currently, I’ve been getting some summer dresses from SaboSkirt.

One of my favourite dresses is the ‘Hummingbird Dress’ (I’ve put this dress up on my Instagram feed as well)




I’ve worn this dress to High Teas, to brunches, casual shopping dates (so easy when you are changing & trying on other clothes) & even to my friends surprise engagement at Botanical Gardens (above)! The style is so sweet, cute, & ladylike especially because of the Pixie collar & peach shade. It’s handy when you have a gut like me, because it’s flowy so your stomach doesn’t show haha.

When in doubt, I know I can always rely on this dress for different occasions 😉

Below are also some pics of a cute lil place where I last had High Tea called Christina Re-Where a Girl Goes. I took my little sister here for her birthday tea. Isn’t it pretty?

They also teach classes- I think DIY paper craftworks etc, perfect for hens day out or baby shower parties 🙂




Enjoy tea & you can also buy cute stationery & books that are great girly reads that can double as pretty coffee table decorations!

I bought this 🙂 You can also get this book online. Just google it!


I love the beautiful picture ala scrapbook style & her witty writing style. Waiting to get the second book from Gisele- the cover is pink! 😛

One of my favourite pages from the book




Thank you to those of you who called, mailed, sms-ed, Facebook, tweeted, Weibo-ed & spent time with me on my birthday.

There’s so many of you I haven’t caught up with, let alone are in my close group of friends…but I really appreciate that you took that 5 seconds of your time to wish me a Happy Birthday. 🙂

Thank you thank you thank you ever so much…esp the NAB guys & also the girls M, T, L, R & A that came & had to sit through my triple drunken rendition of Justin Bieber’s baby…I know your ears suffered lol

I look forward to these evidences from Mishy’s camera  = = ”

Will post up more photos soon!

P.S: How awesome are these cakes?? Made by my friend Michelle, if you are interested please Facebook Msg me as it’s orders by referrals only.. 🙂 xx