Drugstore Essentials

Fact: I spend at least every second weekend evening ‘shopping’ at Chemist Warehouse Knoxfield. I’ll go in for cough syrup or diet shakes – or simply just because & I end up hauling double of what I came in for. With the amount of products I have used, I have narrowed it down to these essentials that I keep coming back for.


Invisible Zinc Sunscreen: It dispenses just the right amount of sunscreen for your face. The formula is non-sticky but surprisingly moisturising & has that great SPF 30 coverage but does not turn your face white. I use this everyday under my make-up.

Olays Regenerist Micro Sculpting cream: This is a big part of my night time ritual before bed. It’s highly moisturising & does not give me that ‘stinging’ feeling like most night/anti-wrinkle creams. Not sure about whether it really fixes the wrinkles though…

Sukin Organic Rose Hip Oil: Sukin happens to be more budget friendly compared to big organic brands like Aesop. I used this from the recommendation of a friend. When the weather changes, my skin tends to turns scaly, dry & eczema like minus the itching. It usually results in patchy looking make-up- but within a week of using this product, it cleared up. Since then, I have added a drop of this into my daily moisturiser.

Lucas Papaw Ointment: I’ve been using this since my high school days & even remember seeing almost every girl (& guy) carry this in their see-through pencil cases in Uni during exam time. I use this for everything- on my lips before I sleep, for rashes, burns, and currently to help with heal my tattoo. I buy this by the heap for family & friends visiting Australia too. This is the Aussie girl ultimate must have.

What are your drugstore essentials?

Halloween 2014


I’m sure I’ve stated this enough times – Halloween has always topped my list of favourite celebrations. It’s the combination of being closely associated to my birth date & also the idea that you have creative reign to dress up as whatever you like- with added gore. This year was relatively ‘low-key’ for me compared to last. This past Friday, I managed to rush home after work & decorate the external of the house with last minute Halloween decorations. I wore a simple black dress & a witch’s hat, and waited creepily to give out candy to kids who came knocking. Great to say that our house stood out but then again, it was the only house in the street to celebrate this ‘holiday’. I cannot wait to move out next year & go ALL OUT for Halloween 2015. It’s unfortunate that it’s not widely popular here in Australia, but it’s still nice to give back to those who appreciate it. Happy belated Halloween guys!


[My last minute Halloween decor from things I managed to scrap off shelves]

IMG_5602_副本[My “Off with her Head!”, disgraced Queen of Hearts costume for Saturday night]

Click here, here  & here for chic Halloween ideas for 2015!


Tribal Mask – Contouring


I’ve started hearing & seeing this word ‘contouring’ around ever since Kim Kardashian became a household name. From then it’s “Get the smouldering Kim look with contouring! (this & that)”. I Googled it, came across this picture from Danish Streets…. & was inspired to give it a try. I used Youtube as a guide & with brush ready at hand, started drawing my face with different shades of foundation & concealer. I was amused, bewildered & awed at the same time- for one, the beginning looked like such a mess & I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right?- I looked like I had donned a tribal mask. The process was quite long, and after an arduous session of blending, I thought I did A-Ok for a first timer. It did feel thicker than my usual make-up routine & definitely not an everyday thing- unless ok, you are THE Kim Kardashian. Still I’d like to believe it made my round face justtttt that slightly defined (oh dear!) In the end, after a couple of tries, I mixed & match the methods I saw online with my own. I did notice that in pictures, my face looked a little more “3 dimensional” if you know what I mean haha & the light catches better at areas where I put more light coloured foundation/concealer. My jawline & chin is slightly sharper & my nose ridge looked more heightened/slimmer.

What do you think?




In Neutral Shade

I realized I don’t have any nail polishes in neutral colours, so my recent purchase was OPI’s ” Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around” nail polish which is scarily becoming my favourite. I also got the ‘Quick Lets Elope‘ drip dry that comes together with a strengthening base coat. As expected, the OPI polish has a pretty great brush & a formula that is non-streaky although you still need a second application to strengthen the colour. The polish gives its own shine even without a top coat *thumbs up*. Whilst some may find the colour boring, I like that it gives off a great ‘clean, soft & muted’ effect (not IN-YO-FACE), and not something I’d get sick of after 2 days- though not sure whether it would suit later on when I’m not that tanned anymore. The nail strengthener didn’t make much difference to my nails though. The quick drip dry however did quicken the drying process for the nails! Easy to apply,  no mess & you wait less & it has this slightly oily feel to it after – kinda like cuticle oil pretty much 😉 So far so good.

What’s your favourite polish so far?


Beauty Review: Milky Foot

I’d have to warn you first. This post is FAR from “beauty” because it is about FEET. If you are icky from looking at feet, then you DEFINITELY want to skip this post!

So…I saw the ad on TV & was sold on the product. I’ve got a bit of dry soles & loved the idea that I could “peel off skin” easily within 3-4 days of using the product. Within the week, I purchased Milky Foot from the chemist for about $30AUD.

Here are the results. ID pictures 010ID pictures 011

The gel felt really cool (well I guess it is cold weather) & I put it on for 45 minutes whilst watching TV, ensuring my foot stays level on the ground.ID pictures 012As the package noted that you will start peeling in 3-4 days, I did this on a Wednesday- hoping that by Saturday & Sunday my skin would have been perfect by the week after. My skin did feel a bit ‘taut’ in those couple of days though I couldn’t see any bubbling yet.

It only started peeling Wednesday this week (so 7 days after for me)


ID pictures 013It was quite easy to peel for most part, just really messy. The sole was the hardest to peel. I noticed it was so much easier to peel after a hot shower when the skin is really wet. So perhaps to encourage easier peeling, just dip your feet into a bucket of warm water every now & then, and then try to peel it.

And today (Friday 30th) was when the top part of my feet started peeling. This is what it looks like… gross, dry & diseased 😦

I guess it varies for everyone. For now I just have to keep scrubbing this off in the shower & moisturizing it. I wished the product came with an ‘after care packet’ ie. small pumice, scrub or moisturiser sachet specially made to moisturise the dry skin instead of just the gel. Right now I’m feeling that this is just an once off thing for me & I most likely will not buy this item again. I think if they extend the range or put more packets in the box as well, it will maintain customers. As for now, I’d have to wear socks to stop the flaking from falling all over the bed & also tights so that no one gets shocked by my horrid feet! The positive is that the gel actually works though. It does make your skin feel very soft after. Hope this review helped your choice in buying this product.

ID pictures 014