Wow what a week! It felt like work was non-stop & for the first time, I had wished there were longer working hours in the day just so I could get things done. Last weekend was a ‘well-rested’ one since we had a Labour Day Monday & I can’t wait for tomorrow- my first personal training session. I also have a new camera (Canon 100D) that I have been playing around with & I could not be happier with the results-though I still have much to learn. Besides, that, I’m sure you have noticed the obvious….my new blog is finally up!! What do you think?

IMG_4511_副本 IMG_4595_副本 [“Bun”- almost a weekly ritual, from IndoChine]IMG_4608_副本 [Pie to die for from Pie in the Sky]IMG_4627_副本[Testing out the new Camera. Knit from Zara]

This Valentine

This Valentines was spent differently to what I thought & not in a bad way. As it turned out, we had dinner a day early at the newly renovated Maha & met the ever so lovely, Shane Delia. G & I then spent Saturday & Sunday doing our own things separately. While G did get me a beautiful bouquet arrangement of lilies & chrysandthemums, he ended up going out to do what he loves second best (hehe mountain biking), I spent the whole Saturday making candles and Sunday at the Camberwell markets blissfully shopping around for antique bits & pieces. In the evening, we both worked at the family restaurant & ended the night with ice-cream & drinks on the curb of 7/11, chilling with the other waiters up till midnight. It’s definitely not your typical V-day- I guess everyone has their own grandeur ideas of Valentines day, but enjoying our own hobbies individually also makes the both of us happy for each other. What I found most inspiring (& most importantly-learnt) about this Valentines is that, it really shouldn’t take much to make your other half happy, and that creating an environment where both you & your partner can support each others passions & allowing them to do it without feeling guilty, creates a positive symbiosis effect in your relationship, thus more rewarding than flowers or a gift. *Moral of the story- Let the girl shop to her hearts content & everything else will be forgiven 😛 Happy V-Day once again 🙂


It’s more common & socially acceptable when we complain, bitch or vent about the bad things that happen in our lives, but when good things happen, we tend to not talk about it so much. A team building activity at work with the theme ‘Happy’ have made me compile my own small list of things that make me…well happy. By writing this list out, I find that I am in constant search & appreciation for things that tend to make me happy rather than those that perpetuate negativity- may it be from the unfortunate mishaps that happen in my life, or listening to others about theirs
.IMG_5125_副本[Beer tasting at Imbibe]

SONY DSC[I find painting nails strangely therapeutic. Colours from the Ciate Mini Manor Collection]IMG_5456_副本[Discovering that our local 24/7 Kmart have started selling awesome knick knacks]

IMG_5523_副本[He’s cute when he wants to be]

IMG_5130_副本[Discovering wine bars like Harry & Frankies]

SONY DSC[Tanning & relaxing in the yard- Dress from Rosebullet]

SONY DSC[Good coffee from Santuccis]

SONY DSC[Beautiful origami decorations from my local Papershop– The Paperplace]

SONY DSC[Beautiful fireplace at our wedding venue – The International]


1. When G hugs me & tells me how much he loves me at random
2. When my favourite song plays over the car radio
3. When drivers wave at me when I give them way
4. When my usually snobby cat snuggles for my attention
5. When my room is tidy
6. When G remembers to do what he is supposed to do
7. Clean new sheets
8. When I find cash in my bags, or jean pockets that I forgot about
9. When I spontaneously meet an old friend of ours, or G’s work friends & I’m not looking like a dag
10. When a friend sends a random text to me just about anything random
11. When there is a horror movie on the telly

What are the things that make you happy?

Little Details

Last week seemed to drag on & each day I faced a new obstacle. So I spent the weekend indulging in some of my favourite repertoires which is brunching at new places with people I love. It’s a great way for me to embrace the weekend & alleviate any stress I had been feeling the past week, both at work & home- at the same time, a great way to discover & sample great food. I got to spend some quality time with my little sis who I wish would stop growing up sometimes. She doesn’t know yet, but I learn so much from her than she probably does from me. Whilst wisdom from our elders is enriching, it’s also refreshing to hear perspectives from someone younger & be reminded of the little details we old farts often forget about. Hope this week goes smoothly for you all.SONY DSC[Cute corridor from Santucci‘s]SONY DSC[Wearing my usual outfit weekend staple- White waffle knit from Zara, Cotton On Polka Dot jeans, Sportsgirl wedges & Alexander Wang rockie]SONY DSC[Mismatched chairs- an idea I hope to replicate in our new home]SONY DSC[My n ew obsession- Sportsgirl white platform that I got for less than $40!!)SONY DSC[Santucci’s ‘Magic’ Brew]SONY DSCSONY DSC[Alphabets in the brick wall]SONY DSC[Cute ‘Genie-esque’ recycled liquor bottles]SONY DSC[Rustic Omlette]

SONY DSC[Little sister who is not so little anymore]

Reflections: Table Alone

One of the benefits of having a partner that you live & go to work with everyday, is that you have company in everything you do even when you both have ‘no plans’. At the same time, it leaves little chance for me to do something for myself as all of our decisions are mutual. For example, I might appreciate a mani/pedi when I’m at the mall, but I couldn’t do that if I’m with G- likewise he likes to spend about an hour in JB-HI but he gets rushed by me. We don’t necessarily agree in the same radio station, TV channel or want to eat the same type of food all the time so typically one of us have to give in agree… so when G & the guys went to LA & Vegas for their buckation, I took advantage of the 2 weeks to finally do the things I want to do on my own terms.

On the first Friday alone, I decided to treat myself to dinner out- something I realised that I haven’t done in a while. Braving dinner alone can be intimidating for most & I admit I was too, so I brought a book to read (Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis if you are wondering). I was able to take my time, sipping that Pinot Gris slowly, unabashedly flipping through Instagram, read my book, enjoy the window view during dinner without feeling guilty, as well as eat my food as slowly as I liked. There was no doubt I missed G sitting across the table, but having that independence heightened my senses & was liberating in ways I cannot explain. I had forgotten how nice it was to spend time on my own. A table alone was just what I needed & definitely made me appreciate G being back too 🙂