Road Trippin

Any day before a long weekend- especially a super LONG Easter weekend at that, has a tendency to make any normal person that little bit more edgy, more hyper, alert, fidgety and….impatient. Me. All I could think about yesterday at work was WHEN the clock was going to strike at 5PM so I could hit the road home, pack my things…and hit the road to NSW with the family.

So… what to pack? In the past I always had a love hate relationship with packing. There were too many times where I overpack my luggage with clothes which I ‘think’ I will wear? And yet when I reach the destination I could not “find” anything to wear. It ends with me resorting to the same outfit over & over again. On top of that, with all the souveniers & new clothes I bought, my luggage usually goes overweight & then hate myself for packing dead weight from the beginning. Never again. With time & more experiences, I learnt that as duh as this sounds, strategically planning your holiday vs what you pack can absolutely highlight your trip. (I can already feel some eyeballs roll) I shall elaborate my steps.

1. Closer to the date, I ALWAYS check the weather forecast of my destination. If travelling within Australia, I find that the Bureau of Meteorology aka BOM always provides the best forecast. I then pack accordingly to the weather. Packing this way maximises the time of your holiday pleasantly- E.g staying indoors because you didn’t pack an appropriate jacket for outdoors, or not having an outfit so you can’t party unless you find something else to wear. Believe me when I say this has happened to me or friends several times before.

2. I count how many days & nights I will be staying & plan my outfits for each time. E.g this NSW trip will consist of 3 nights & 4 days.

3. I then pack my clothes by “per outfit” vs how many days/nights- instead of per items like I used to & then praying later that everything will magically match. A BIG no no, is packing something you usually never wear in hope that you will wear it during your holidays, which most likely you won’t. Waste of space. I pack this way now so that I don’t spend precious holiday time & money, stressing to find something to wear for the night or day after.

4. So, the break down: 3 nights & 4 days…

2 sets of pyjamas , 8 undies (2 x 4 days)

4-5 day outfits + comfortable flat walking shoes + bag E.g my Vans

Possibly partying Friday & Sat night = 2 Dressy Outfits + 1 pair of good heels that matches everything + clutch

Toiletries- sunscreen, toothbrushes, lotions & make-up

Miscellaneous = Curler/Straightener


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