A New Trend

A quintessential Melbourne weekend isn’t complete without brunch & outdoors with good sunshine. Last weekend, my bridesmaids T, D & I, spent the beautiful Saturday afternoon outside soaking some sun while doing some arts & craft for the wedding. It was tiring, but fun, productive & definitely rewarding. My Sunday on the other hand was spent relaxing with G as we decided to try this  decadent list from Broadsheet for Melbournes best waffles. Any other unmentioned recommendations? Though I’m currently plagued with an itchy, sore dry throat & coughing like a hyena, I’m looking forward to this weekend to continue last weeks waffle rendezvous- perhaps a new weekend trend? Here are some snaps that makes me happy 🙂

SONY DSC[ A ray of sunlight at the first break of dawn on our way to Falls Creek]
ID pictures 018_副本 [My dashboard friend from Typo]ID pictures 019_副本[ 7/11 coffee not bad for $1]ID pictures 024_副本[Out to look for a wedding cake- wearing Sportsgirl Waffle knit top, flea market Elwood boyfriend jeans for $5, Salvatore Ferragamo Varinas, Alexander Wang Rockie bag, Prada sunnies]
ID pictures 029_副本[Wearing my fave Anarchy St studded dress after the Yeezus show which sadly missed an encore]ID pictures 032_副本[Brunch at Mixed Business]
ID pictures 034_副本[ Beautiful porcelain number for a house]ID pictures 035_副本[Spring blooms]ID pictures 036_副本[Trying to keep a straight face for a ‘walk by’ shot]ID pictures 037_副本[Wearing Ben Sherman leather jacket similar here, Sportsgirl waffle knit, Lee Lick Jeans (though no longer in my colour), Leopard vans, Alexander Wang Rockie Bag, ID pictures 038_副本[New Read by Kevin Kwan- it was really the hot pink cover that got my attention]

One thought on “A New Trend

  1. Elly!! I just saw the link today on our work intranet (my last day before handover)..Wish I knew you went to Yeezy too, we could have compared notes 🙂
    Sheree xx

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