Travel Diary: Finale Ligure

After an exhausting trip in Venice, we drove all the way to a little town in Finale Ligure. The drive itself was an adventure- thank GOD I have G with me who is great with driving on the opposite side. We stayed in a place called Finale Borgo, in Piazza S.Biago through a lovely AirBnB accomodation. Here’s what I learnt from Finale Ligure:

  • Mountain bikers, climbers & hikers alike come here for the amazing routes. Graham booked a private guide to take him mountain biking & he still raves on about how good it was
  • Hardly anyone speaks English here which also meant all menus were written in Italian. Pull out your Google translate
  • Magnets cost 3-4 Euros here- not a great souvenier decision
  • You can literally chill outside the throngs of cafes that line the cute little alleyways here for Hours! No stress, no obligation
  • Bar Centrale has the best Gelati
  • Very community based small town where it seems everyone knows everyone & during the evening everyone sits at benches to chat & people watch
  • Most Boutique Shops only open 10-12:30 & 4-8PM (Siesta time?)
  • Really relaxing chill vibe compared to Hectic Venice! 
  • To sit in a beach area covered by umbrella with a sunbed costs 15EURO (this was at Vittoria Beach) 
  • Highly recommended    Stuffing my face with a croissant & capuccino    Beautiful rustic alleyways with pretty boutiques      One of the menu items we randomly picked- not knowing what it was. Turned out good though!  Fetucinne with Ragu Sauce


Wow what a week! It felt like work was non-stop & for the first time, I had wished there were longer working hours in the day just so I could get things done. Last weekend was a ‘well-rested’ one since we had a Labour Day Monday & I can’t wait for tomorrow- my first personal training session. I also have a new camera (Canon 100D) that I have been playing around with & I could not be happier with the results-though I still have much to learn. Besides, that, I’m sure you have noticed the obvious….my new blog is finally up!! What do you think?

IMG_4511_副本 IMG_4595_副本 [“Bun”- almost a weekly ritual, from IndoChine]IMG_4608_副本 [Pie to die for from Pie in the Sky]IMG_4627_副本[Testing out the new Camera. Knit from Zara]

DIY Table Numbers


In a previous post a while back, I posted a little DIY insight into what I was planning as part of my wedding decor. Here is a closer look. I recycled different wine bottles & made them into table numbers as pictured, as well as aisle & wishing well decorations. They are completely easy to make, but they do get a little messy & tideous.
1.Old wine bottles. The more random, the better
2.Chalkboard paint/ spray
3.Your choice of ribbon- in this case I used something really cheap like twine.
4.Chalk (if you want a really rustic look) or Chalkboard Marker (if you want a “clean-around-the-edges” & more defined result, less mess)
5. Gold spray paint (optional)
6. Small roller for the chalkboard paint. Not needed if you are using chalkboard spray paint

1. Soak wine bottles in hot, soapy water for about 10 mins to dislodge label. Most labels peel off very easily & clean- some are just a bitch, so I had to use a metal spoon to scrape & scrub off the label. Let dry
2. Cut very carefully (I used small scissors), the metal seal around the neck of bottle
3. Spray (faster method) or use the roller to colour the bottle with the chalkboard paint & let dry.
4. Give it a second- or third coating, up to you.
5. Tie it with your choice of ribbon
6. Decorate with the chalk marker & voila~

Extra: If you want to the gold neck: I used white tape halfway down the neck to indicate where I’d like it to stop. Then I sprayed gold paint on it & let dry. After, I tied twine around the neck. Or in my case, I even spray-painted the aisle runners entirely in gold & added babys breath into it.

You can wash off the chalkboard pen & change the wording to whatever you like. I had variations at my wedding like “E & G”, “LOVE” etc… Can’t wait to re-use this again when I have a house warming/party in the future 🙂


It’s officially Sweater Weather again! Though I’ll always be a Summer gal, I can’t wait to pull out my snuggly sweaters & cozy knits. Ever since Burberry Prorsum released this a couple of seasons ago, cape knits have made a comeback (thank your nana) I bought this oversized Zara cape knit last year that strangely reminds me of a Lama Shepherd. All I need is just a stick. What do you think?

IMG_4581_副本IMG_4583_副本IMG_4551_副本IMG_4558_副本IMG_4597_副本[Outfit details: ZARA knit similar here, striped shirt similar here, flea market Levi high waisted shorts similar custom designs here, Sportsgirl tote bag similar here, shoes similar style here,