So besides the great traditions that come with Chinese New Year, I mostly look forward to wearing the Qipao. I wore this one for my wedding last year & could not get enough of the elegant & classic look it gives. From the regal-esque mandarin collar, to the beautiful oriental patterns- it really reminded of the majestic era of the Chinese dynasties, as well as the more controversial, daring & ‘fun-loving’ age Shanghai experienced in the 1920s- or better known as “The Paris of the East, the New York of the West“. I’ve been searching high & low for the perfect Qipao that I can wear-not just for Chinese New Year, but to weddings & other occasions, but most of the ones that come up online are either gawdy, with questionable quality or tacky. This year, I’ll be wearing a Sissae qipao dress which combines both classic designs with a modern day twist. Here are a few of my favourites.I’d like to know what are your favourite ‘traditional’ outfits?

Just added one of my favourite scenes from one of my favourite Chinese films reminiscent of the Qipao:

Valentines Day Picks 2015 : Part 3

Valentines Day Picks 2015 : Part 3

Here is the last post on my 2015 Valentines Day picks. Whether or not you are in a relationship or single, have romantic plans with your partner or friends, or even just staying home on Valentines Day, I hope you enjoy this day doing the things you love. Happy early Valentines Day!

Valentines Day Picks 2015: Part 2

Valentines Day Picks Part 2

Being a huge fan of fragrances (wouldn’t any lady?), it’s not a surprise that I think perfumes also make great gifts for Valentines day- or any other occasion. May it be for a cute first date, a sweet birthday gift for friends, gratuity gift for Mom, Christmas, or a romantic gesture for your wife *hint hint*, perfumes are wonderful- that is if you chose the right one. I’ve always been one of those girls who likes the idea of having a signature scent, but the smell of these current crushes are beautifully intoxicating that I don’t know which I like best!
I usually change up my scent regularly. Whether it’s taking it from day to night, a shift in seasons or even for a special occasion, having a unique scent is a great way to remember certain times in your life.

What is your current/all time favourite perfumes?

Valentines Day Picks 2015: Part 1

Valentines Day Picks
With Valentines day around the corner, here are some of the ‘lux’ goods that I’m currently crushing on. *Hint Hint* I’m absolutely loving the hat after seeing it on none other than style guru, Sienna Miller! (watch video below) She is also in American Sniper which I watched just the other day & found her scenes absolutely delightful!
What are your current ‘lux’ craves this moment?