Travel Diary: Finale Ligure

After an exhausting trip in Venice, we drove all the way to a little town in Finale Ligure. The drive itself was an adventure- thank GOD I have G with me who is great with driving on the opposite side. We stayed in a place called Finale Borgo, in Piazza S.Biago through a lovely AirBnB accomodation. Here’s what I learnt from Finale Ligure:

  • Mountain bikers, climbers & hikers alike come here for the amazing routes. Graham booked a private guide to take him mountain biking & he still raves on about how good it was
  • Hardly anyone speaks English here which also meant all menus were written in Italian. Pull out your Google translate
  • Magnets cost 3-4 Euros here- not a great souvenier decision
  • You can literally chill outside the throngs of cafes that line the cute little alleyways here for Hours! No stress, no obligation
  • Bar Centrale has the best Gelati
  • Very community based small town where it seems everyone knows everyone & during the evening everyone sits at benches to chat & people watch
  • Most Boutique Shops only open 10-12:30 & 4-8PM (Siesta time?)
  • Really relaxing chill vibe compared to Hectic Venice! 
  • To sit in a beach area covered by umbrella with a sunbed costs 15EURO (this was at Vittoria Beach) 
  • Highly recommended    Stuffing my face with a croissant & capuccino    Beautiful rustic alleyways with pretty boutiques      One of the menu items we randomly picked- not knowing what it was. Turned out good though!  Fetucinne with Ragu Sauce

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