This Valentine

This Valentines was spent differently to what I thought & not in a bad way. As it turned out, we had dinner a day early at the newly renovated Maha & met the ever so lovely, Shane Delia. G & I then spent Saturday & Sunday doing our own things separately. While G did get me a beautiful bouquet arrangement of lilies & chrysandthemums, he ended up going out to do what he loves second best (hehe mountain biking), I spent the whole Saturday making candles and Sunday at the Camberwell markets blissfully shopping around for antique bits & pieces. In the evening, we both worked at the family restaurant & ended the night with ice-cream & drinks on the curb of 7/11, chilling with the other waiters up till midnight. It’s definitely not your typical V-day- I guess everyone has their own grandeur ideas of Valentines day, but enjoying our own hobbies individually also makes the both of us happy for each other. What I found most inspiring (& most importantly-learnt) about this Valentines is that, it really shouldn’t take much to make your other half happy, and that creating an environment where both you & your partner can support each others passions & allowing them to do it without feeling guilty, creates a positive symbiosis effect in your relationship, thus more rewarding than flowers or a gift. *Moral of the story- Let the girl shop to her hearts content & everything else will be forgiven 😛 Happy V-Day once again 🙂

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