Valentines Day Picks 2015: Part 2

Valentines Day Picks Part 2

Being a huge fan of fragrances (wouldn’t any lady?), it’s not a surprise that I think perfumes also make great gifts for Valentines day- or any other occasion. May it be for a cute first date, a sweet birthday gift for friends, gratuity gift for Mom, Christmas, or a romantic gesture for your wife *hint hint*, perfumes are wonderful- that is if you chose the right one. I’ve always been one of those girls who likes the idea of having a signature scent, but the smell of these current crushes are beautifully intoxicating that I don’t know which I like best!
I usually change up my scent regularly. Whether it’s taking it from day to night, a shift in seasons or even for a special occasion, having a unique scent is a great way to remember certain times in your life.

What is your current/all time favourite perfumes?

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