Virgin Rum Balling

Say what? Virgin what? Yes, Virgin Rum Balls- Rum balls without Rum. I love my alcohol but I find that desserts are more binge-worthy & less cringe-worthy without the bitterness of alcohol. These lovely little things are one of the better desserts I’ve ever made, well because they are absolutely so easy. Because they are so easy, it still shocks me how some shops (guess who) sell them for $2AUD EACH. T & I made these for one of our dear friends who absolutely love Ferrero Rochers but buying them from the grocery does not seem that dignified as well as genuine & sincere 🙂 We wanted to show our effort by making something from scratch. Mixing the dough with the nuts was harder than I anticipated as it would not stick as well as the coconut flakes.
Make these for your family or friends for a home-made Christmas pressie, or better yet, a simple dessert for a house party/gathering!


2 packets of Arnotts Arrowfoot biscuits

Cocoa powder

1 bag Coconut flakes (place this in a medium bowl or plate)

1 bag Crushed nuts (place this in a medium bowl or plate)

1 Can of condensed milk


Blend the biscuits in a blender. Does not have to be fine or it will be too soggy & wet when mixed with condensed milk.

Mix cocoa powder for colour & flavour. As much as you like.

Mix in the whole can of condensed milk. I have heard you can substitute this with honey.

The hand mix it all together to evenly coat.

Roll balls with palm (into whatever size you like)

Then roll into nuts or coconut flakes.

Place into box of your choice lined with baking paper! Voila~



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