Drugstore Essentials

Fact: I spend at least every second weekend evening ‘shopping’ at Chemist Warehouse Knoxfield. I’ll go in for cough syrup or diet shakes – or simply just because & I end up hauling double of what I came in for. With the amount of products I have used, I have narrowed it down to these essentials that I keep coming back for.


Invisible Zinc Sunscreen: It dispenses just the right amount of sunscreen for your face. The formula is non-sticky but surprisingly moisturising & has that great SPF 30 coverage but does not turn your face white. I use this everyday under my make-up.

Olays Regenerist Micro Sculpting cream: This is a big part of my night time ritual before bed. It’s highly moisturising & does not give me that ‘stinging’ feeling like most night/anti-wrinkle creams. Not sure about whether it really fixes the wrinkles though…

Sukin Organic Rose Hip Oil: Sukin happens to be more budget friendly compared to big organic brands like Aesop. I used this from the recommendation of a friend. When the weather changes, my skin tends to turns scaly, dry & eczema like minus the itching. It usually results in patchy looking make-up- but within a week of using this product, it cleared up. Since then, I have added a drop of this into my daily moisturiser.

Lucas Papaw Ointment: I’ve been using this since my high school days & even remember seeing almost every girl (& guy) carry this in their see-through pencil cases in Uni during exam time. I use this for everything- on my lips before I sleep, for rashes, burns, and currently to help with heal my tattoo. I buy this by the heap for family & friends visiting Australia too. This is the Aussie girl ultimate must have.

What are your drugstore essentials?

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