Halloween 2014


I’m sure I’ve stated this enough times – Halloween has always topped my list of favourite celebrations. It’s the combination of being closely associated to my birth date & also the idea that you have creative reign to dress up as whatever you like- with added gore. This year was relatively ‘low-key’ for me compared to last. This past Friday, I managed to rush home after work & decorate the external of the house with last minute Halloween decorations. I wore a simple black dress & a witch’s hat, and waited creepily to give out candy to kids who came knocking. Great to say that our house stood out but then again, it was the only house in the street to celebrate this ‘holiday’. I cannot wait to move out next year & go ALL OUT for Halloween 2015. It’s unfortunate that it’s not widely popular here in Australia, but it’s still nice to give back to those who appreciate it. Happy belated Halloween guys!


[My last minute Halloween decor from things I managed to scrap off shelves]

IMG_5602_副本[My “Off with her Head!”, disgraced Queen of Hearts costume for Saturday night]

Click here, here  & here for chic Halloween ideas for 2015!


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