Pancakey Sundays

When I was little, Pancakes were one of the very first few “meals” I ever learnt to cook by myself. I would get my Dad to buy me a couple of Pancake mixes from the grocery & then force  offer everyone in the household if they would want to eat it. Once someone agreed (I’m sure out of pity) I would close the kitchen door & pretend I was this great chef, prepare my ingredients (from the box) with much care and whip up the eggs like a maestro. Then it was the tricky bit- spooning the liquid mix in the right doses to cook in the saucepan & ensuring it turns into the perfect golden brown masterpiece. The whole orchestra always left me feeling more inspired than before. Since then, incorporating pancakes into my Sunday ritual simply make me happy- I’m not sure if it’s the fluffy consistency, the mouth watering fragrance & dripping golden syrup, or the way they make the entire house feel cosy & ‘Martha Stewart-esque’, regardless, they have become my weekend morning repertoire. These pancakes have the ability to turn a lazy Sunday into something special.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC[Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes by White Wings Cafe Creations]

Or you can make fluffy pancakes with Matty Matheson- Munchies! Hilarious video!


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