Best of September 2014

This September came & went so quick that it didn’t even feel like I experienced it.
Besides the nice weather change sans the crazy wind, it was nice to see spring colours pop up around the gardens & Melbourne slowly turning into a more sunlit place where the days are longer.
This September was occupied with the more eventful Falls Creek Snow trip, Wedding cake hunt, a Fathers Day picnic at Yarraville Gardens, Kanye West concert, a girls night in, Waffle Hunt & Wedding DIYs, to the more mundane & tedious tasks such as looking for the best mortgage for my new investment property. There were also overdue catch ups, birthdays & new births…September could not be much sweeter.. How was your September this year?

Tip: I love this App! It’s called Hey Day & it categorises all your photos into timelines. I can always see what I did say… September last year in one folder!

Picture 017_副本

[This month: Outside Bikes Direct, Falls Creek, New Spring Zara Knit & Portman nude wedges, House being torn down, Birthday at Chimac, baby Oliver, Malaysian Curry Fish Head at Kuala Lumpur, doughnut shaped chocolates]

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