Last year, I was drawn to all things zombie & gore like- I even went as Claire from the TV series Heroes on my Halloween birthday dinner at Mistys. This year, I’m attracted to things with a Gothic witch theme- sans Sabrina & Charmed. I particularly liked ‘The Coven‘ series of American Horror Story- not because of the absurd story line (it could have been great), but I was intrigued by the fashion, especially the one worn by Emma Roberts & Taissa Farmiga. It made me reminisce about the first time my sisters watched The Craft & they excitedly practised ‘witchcraft’ at home because it was the trend back then (don’t worry it was more candles & silly love chants). I am forever enthralled by the all black, leather jackets, high over the knee socks, moon shaped sunglasses, dark plum lipstick, black nails, crosses & skulls since then…

What is your inspiration this Halloween?

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