Denim Crush

I’ve had my fair share of regrets when I spend WAY too much money on tops that end up being too fragile to be worn. I can understand when we spend money on things like good leather bags, a nice dress for a special occasion, accessories or a nice coat, but tops? Pffttt. Wear it once, and you have to spend more money to bring it to the dry cleaners or risk wrecking it in your wash- sometimes both! See, I was this way towards jeans as well. I would laugh to myself after spending less than $100 on a pair of Cheap Mondays or Cotton On Jeans, but sooner than later, it usually falls apart. It seemed good enough in the change room, but end up being uncomfortable in the most important places & more than enough occasions, I would have to ‘pull up’ my jeans like I’m trying to have a wedgey (conversely!) Enough is enough, so this time I spent a little more than my usual budget on a pair of Lee Lick Jeans. They are thick, snug like jeggings sans the camel toe & accentuate my thick thighs & curvy legs. When I sit or squat to pick things up, they don’t end up halfway down my bum, I don’t even remember a time when I had to pull them up! I also forgot to mention I didn’t even need to alter the length. It was perfect & a HUGE contender to be my own ‘sisterhood of the travelling pants’. (I know, but this is my blog & MY own fantasy) Though I am still slowly venturing into more expensive jeans, but for right now, I have an official denim crush on this pair.

SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC[Lee Licks Denim, flattering women everywhere- even the missing parts]

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