Best of July & August 2014

I know we are already into month of September (Spring yay!) but it only felt right if I did this post. Not only did the months of July & August felt like it flew by, these past 2 months can be arguably the busiest & eventful for me. Here is a small reflection back. July last year, several bridesmaids & myself for my then best friend & now Sis-in-Law, were in Sydney celebrating her hens. It was one of the best times I’ve had that year, exploring & partying in Sydney like it was the first time again. The memories are still fresh in my mind like as if it happened just the week before…and other responsibilities still felt so far away. Conversely this July was filled with errands after errands which felt like a giddy whirlwind (not fun). After our hens in Langkawi, it was ‘progress’ mode on. With almost less than 4 months until our wedding, we have yet to find a wedding cake, a suit for G, shirts & other accessories for the groomsmen. I still haven’t managed to send out all the wedding invitations too, sort the seating & menus (*face palm) There are still bibs & bobs that needing ticking off my list but I just can’t seem to find the time to accomplish them. My August last year was also relatively chilled compared to this years. This year I was spending almost EVERY DAY, inspecting properties digitally & physically, looking for a house that would be suitable as a rental investment (and sans all the fengshui omens). Since my parents were also here during that time for almost 3 weeks, I had to be at my best behaviour (no swearing!) which also meant coming home straight from work everyday to have home-cooked dinner with family & not going out past 9PM (not that I’m complaining hehe) G & I celebrated another milestone by celebrating our 10 years together at Falls Creek, I finally learnt to fall less on my snowboard (trust me, this was a MASSIVE achievement for me) & I am happy to say…..PROPERTY SOLD!!!!!!

Here are my best July & August  2014 moments combined.


[My first ever freshly made Zumbo macarons, new candle making hobby, girls night in, my Sisters birthday, wearing pink on Wednesdays ala Mean Girls, Partying with the Sydney/ Canadian fam, discovering that Duff beer DO EXIST LIKE OMFG, Mt Buller & Falls Creek snow trip, tasting my first most expensive wine ever & a lovely candle gift from my colleague]


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