Tribal Mask – Contouring


I’ve started hearing & seeing this word ‘contouring’ around ever since Kim Kardashian became a household name. From then it’s “Get the smouldering Kim look with contouring! (this & that)”. I Googled it, came across this picture from Danish Streets…. & was inspired to give it a try. I used Youtube as a guide & with brush ready at hand, started drawing my face with different shades of foundation & concealer. I was amused, bewildered & awed at the same time- for one, the beginning looked like such a mess & I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right?- I looked like I had donned a tribal mask. The process was quite long, and after an arduous session of blending, I thought I did A-Ok for a first timer. It did feel thicker than my usual make-up routine & definitely not an everyday thing- unless ok, you are THE Kim Kardashian. Still I’d like to believe it made my round face justtttt that slightly defined (oh dear!) In the end, after a couple of tries, I mixed & match the methods I saw online with my own. I did notice that in pictures, my face looked a little more “3 dimensional” if you know what I mean haha & the light catches better at areas where I put more light coloured foundation/concealer. My jawline & chin is slightly sharper & my nose ridge looked more heightened/slimmer.

What do you think?




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