Furrowed Brows

I have this love hate relationships with eyebrow pencils. I need them so much (explained in this post), but I absolutely hate using them. It feels like I only ever get to use them twice & then when it’s time to sharpen them, the lead keep breaking apart until it’s a useless stump- and yes, I’m usually left brow-less after, frantically searching the house for a spare one. Over the years I’ve grown reluctant to spend money on them because, regardless of brand, this always seems to happen! I have also completely given up on eyebrow palettes because they only function to darken the brow, but is completely hopeless when needed to extend the brow. I now resort to supermarket/ chemist available brands in twist style pencils, but the problem is, it usually has the consistency of an eyeliner & you’d have to apply this with a very gentle hand. Can anyone suggest something they swear by? (Currently using Missha eyebrow pencils). Here is a similar story I had with eyeliners until I was recommended these.

SONY DSCSONY DSC[All the broken types of Eyebrow pencils]

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