A little beer story.


I had never been happier when purchasing beer on a cold, wet Thursday night after experiencing super bad traffic. The song ‘This is what makes us girls‘ by Lana Del Rey peaked my interest in Pabst Blue Ribbon. I didn’t know that it was actually beer for a while (I thought it was ice cream for goodness sake!) & after a simple research, I was surprised & delighted I could get it locally from Dan Murphy’s. I quickly dashed drove home, popped open the can & gulped it… In the car… Right on my driveway. The experience left me dissatisfied- not because it tasted bad, but it brought me back to a time when I was 14 when I visited Melbourne during my school holidays from Jakarta. My older sisters took me along to her friends apartment to celebrate New Years. We played a game where the loser had to scull beer, but because I was fresh off the plane & a picket fence, prudish girl, I dreaded the whole experience & just wanted to go home. What I would give now to be sitting around that small table again with all my sisters & playing that game.

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