Buy Less, Choose Well

It felt like a while since I last shopped, so here were my last purchases. This time I browsed whilst constantly chanting a new slogan I adopted from the world wide web “Buy less, choose well” (oh dear) so here goes the result.


I badly needed some thermals. I was sick of wearing layer upon layer of clothing & still feel cold- plus looking bulky at the same time. I chose the ThermaPLUS range from Kathmandu. Luckily they were having a “buy 3 for $69.98” sale so I picked these three (1,2,3) They were thin, light-weight, figure hugging but not constricting (they make you look oh-so-sporty!). They are breathable (I did yoga with them on & they were awesome- meaning, my armpits didn’t feel like they were in a sauna) & most importantly, they are WARM. I happily wore them under my thin waffle knits & lasted the day without an extra coat on! I also wore them under my work shirts & look forward to wear them under my snow gear for an upcoming snow trip! Side note: Do they make thermal socks?

SONY DSCSONY DSCI got myself a new foundation- my first from Shiseido & I am impressed. I wanted one in a palette for easy travel & chose this Advanced Hydro Liquid compact in the I40 shade.  I was sick of buying ‘compact foundation’ & for it to turn out in a mineral powder consistency instead (my bad for not testing them first) but this was pleasantly moist & hydrating (duh!~). I had to use only very little & it still resulted in maximum coverage- for the whole day! It was also a great blend for under the eye coverage compared to my current piece of shit concealer. It comes with a sponge applicator which surprisingly blends & distributes the foundation well (unlike drug store sponges) so it does not go to waste. The palette itself cost $18AUD & the refill cost $59AUD (from David Jones). Pricey considering it looks way less in volume than a normal bottle of foundation. Will post a before & after pic soon!

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