So one of the coolest couples I know are leaving the country. Sad & bummed, but happy at the same time because it’s for all the right reasons- plus, HK & Singapore are what? 7hrs+ plane ride away?

I have known Ben since uni, but I haven’t known or hung out with Audrie for long- despite the couple of years they dated. I first met this girl at the 2011 Stereosonics & because he had dated a friend I used to hang out with, I approached this new friendship with much caution. I admit, I was kind of snobby at the start- didn’t talk much, analysed the shit out of her (Much to my very surpressed inner attraction & fondness of this girl) She was still SUPER nice & DTE, which only made me feel immature & ashamed of my silly self. The 2nd & 3rd more time we met & hung out, she was always so pleasant & easy to talk to- in that non-obligatory chit chat bullshit you have to pull with everyone else. And this was such a valuable lesson to me. Audrie, you make talking to strangers such an easy task, you are so full of energy & positive aura that even the grumpy me get uber happy to hang with you- even older adults don’t have this skill. I could tell this girl came from a very priviledged background too, yet she is never & I mean NEVER snobby, never fake. In fact I know many basic bitches who don’t even COMPARE in background & act like they are so precious, high & mighty. YOU are the type of rich girl that can sit on a dirty floor of hoarders house with your Chanel & make a joke about the world- and I fucking love that about you (hope I’m not going too far lol) She laughs loudly, makes dirty jokes & just not afraid to act silly- and this is why, everyone that has ever known you, always speak so highly of you. Audrie, I super admire you for that, for being so uniquely you & I’m so glad in the short time I’ve met you, you have left such a deep impression on me- I have so much to learn from someone like you.

Ben Liu, you ain’t got nothing on me.
(Impressing your girlfriend more than you)


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