5 Fun Horrid Facts About Me

ID pictures 013Some colleagues & friends of mine have exclaimed that I live the ‘perfect’ lifestyle, and the word ‘perfect’ this & that gets thrown around quite a bit. While I am deeply flattered by this unbelievable opinion, I am anything but. Don’t worry, I don’t have a BIG head yet, so here is a little post to prove why- plus it’s funny in a gross way anyway.

1.I don’t brush my teeth every night. I’m just too lazy that way & when I’m tired, snuggling in bed is all I think about.

2. Sometimes, I don’t always wear socks with my shoes- the shoes I should really wear socks with. I know I’m a terrible person, but when I am rushing out the door, my socks somehow disappear from sight & where they are supposed to be kept. I also can’t seem to find a matching pair, or I end up with those annoying anklet ones that rolls down to under my soles. (Does this happen to you too?) The thought of my having to pick inside of my shoes for my socks, is grosser than not wearing socks in my opinion! Oh well!~

3. I keep candy & sometimes chocolate by my bedside drawer. And I eat them….at night, sometimes right before bed (while I’m busy checking my phone of course) Considering I don’t always brush my teeth at night… this habit is a BAD BAD thing! (Don’t do this at home)

4. I bite my nails. I am improving though with the decreasing need to bite when I have nail polish on. Sometimes I break a nail & the unevenness of the nail unnerves me. So I have this urge to bite it back to ‘normal’ level, sometimes overdoing it in the process lol.

5. I snore at night like “a little piggy” is what my fiance calls me.

So there. You can punish me now blogosphere world!

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