Best of June 2014

It’s been nearly a month since my Hens trip to Langkawi & life work couldn’t feel much slower. Coming back from a holiday feels like, a child entering adulthood. The excitement peaks, then as the responsibilities start pouring in, you realise it’s not that great after all (never was besides being able to drive & drink Alcohol). As Melbourne is experiencing a winter sleep like trance, I’ve been trying hard to fill my days with catch-ups & activities to spice up the ‘hibernating’ mood. Just last Saturday we had a night in & enjoyed some cheese, charcuterie & of course, a couple of bottles of the best-fucking-wine-I-ever-tasted (thanks Ben), all while having a Youtube party replaying songs from our past. I had my Sisters birthday & celebrated at home with a much needed hotpot. Finally opened & used the Turn Decanter we received as our engagement gift from our friends David & Leane. I also spent the weekend fooling around in IKEA & have our weekly dose of Pho. On Wednesday, I had the girls over to try on their freshly altered bridesmaid dresses while catching up over home-made Sangrias. I made both Red & White Sangria which I will share the recipe soon! Looking forward to the snow in the next couple of weeks. What have you guys been up to this Winter?

I know it’s late, but here are my Best of June 2014 moments!


[Coco’s 30th at Miss Collins, Delinda getting her P plates, Cookie challenge, Make- Up & hair trials


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