“Be thankful for what you have, you will end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never have enough” Oprah Winfrey

Just the other week, a couple very close to my heart were in the middle of a ‘cold’ fight- meaning they weren’t talking to each other. One complained about how unfulfilled his life was, blind at how blessed he is to have her & the other blamed how unlucky she is to have him, deaf from the deeper meaning of his words. It really saddened me because they love each other but were too egoistic to talk things out calmly, afraid expressing a simple thanks or ‘I love you’ will only admit defeat. In other words, they didn’t appreciate each others presence, what they have achieved through all these years & what they have. Instead it’s just bitterness after bitterness, disappointment that one cannot change the other.

I saw the quote above & thought I (and perhaps we) need a little reminder every now & then to be thankful for what we have. I want to take this time & blogpost to remind myself to count my blessings & not to worry so much. I’m so blessed & thankful to have both parents who love me & care for my wellbeing even from so far away. To have sisters, both older & younger, and also be able to have new brothers from marriages. I’m blessed to have an awesome group of girlfriends whom I’ve known & stayed tight with since I came to Melbourne & who are now my bridesmaids. I’m so blessed to have another tight group of friends through G & to have friends from around the globe. After 10 beautiful years of being with the one I love most, I am so blessed to be able to get married to him this Christmas. We are about to have our own home too (crossing fingers real hard). I’m blessed to have a full time job that suits my lifestyle & is close to where G works. I am blessed to even own a car, to have more than enough material things-things I don’t “need”. I’m blessed & thankful to not always have to worry about food & shelter. I’m blessed to have 2 beautiful pet cats & also now have a delightful Dachshund in the house that always make me smile (sometimes angry haha) I’m blessed I was able to travel abroad, studied abroad & be able to gain a 2nd & 3rd language… most of all I’m blessed to be healthy & able bodied.

What would happen tomorrow if you woke up with the things you were only grateful for yesterday? (if he was to lose her & her, him?)

Random pics from around the house
SONY DSC [Odd tropical looking plant in the backyard]SONY DSC[Sunny but freezing today- waiting in anticipation for my hens trip to Langkawi]SONY DSC[Wedding Decor Remnants]

SONY DSC[Bedroom details]

Phone 527_副本[Luscious strawberries. I never get sick from eating them]qPhone 751_副本[Summer forever ago]



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