For the Home

The building of our new house has not even started, but I am already on the lookout for decor to adorn our new home. Digressing…For some reason, everytime the time I try to save, happens to be the time when all the things I really want are shoved up in my face. The fact that online shopping is THE “go to” thing nowadays, makes it so much harder for me to be a ‘good’ girl

Here are my current lust lists for the home- most of which are just silly things really 🙂

(Click on picture to be taken to link)v_56bd6a4ed131a559e3fdd1f45162a796_123892-09-2_副本

[Skull Teapot- those who know me well will know I love most things with skull & pistol themes]

Cheeseboard_flat_1024x1024[Marble Cheeseboard- we LOVE cheese!! & I swear it to myself to buy this for myself one day]

toiletbrush[Saw this & thought “AWESOME”- definitely a crazy cat lady]il_570xN.551824940_hvrq[Vintage circus style lights like these in either our initials or ???]

domo[From an old post, I love Domo-kun, though, this product has bad reviews though! Cute nonetheless, but I problably will not buy this]


rug[ I really like colour rugs with patterns & prints.]

hm000408_001_1[To celebrate having Oscar, I thought this bookend is just so cute!]


[A must have for our kitchen]

ki001179[Loving this plate just because…]

Do you have any great online stores for home decor that ships to Australia? Recommendations welcome!



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