Best of May 2014

After a whirlwind couple of weeks, everything in my life is starting to slow down again. When the dust settled, I started to feel silly over the things I worried about, that now only seemed minuscule. For example, when my dad came, I was more worried about where to take him out to eat- that I forgot to really stay “home” & spend time with him. I got angry over something that can’t be helped, that only disallowed me to enjoy myself for the rest of the evening- just petty little things which only ultimately hurt me & others. I guess it is only human behaviour. News of a sudden death this month only reminded me once again to be happy. To cherish these moments- never to part ways angry or bitter, because it could be your last (and is that how you want to be remembered?) Self reflection is a time of healing.

Here are my ‘Best of May’ moments.

Phone 1500_副本

[Family hotpot time, Girls Night In & Out, Kwazy night in Crown Casino hotels…Artic Monkeys, Froyo, first time eating at new places is always extra special ie Maedaya, Spice Road, Burch & Purchese,, more wedding planning etc…and Autumn maple leaves from our soon to be new home!!]


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