Beauty Review: Milky Foot

I’d have to warn you first. This post is FAR from “beauty” because it is about FEET. If you are icky from looking at feet, then you DEFINITELY want to skip this post!

So…I saw the ad on TV & was sold on the product. I’ve got a bit of dry soles & loved the idea that I could “peel off skin” easily within 3-4 days of using the product. Within the week, I purchased Milky Foot from the chemist for about $30AUD.

Here are the results. ID pictures 010ID pictures 011

The gel felt really cool (well I guess it is cold weather) & I put it on for 45 minutes whilst watching TV, ensuring my foot stays level on the ground.ID pictures 012As the package noted that you will start peeling in 3-4 days, I did this on a Wednesday- hoping that by Saturday & Sunday my skin would have been perfect by the week after. My skin did feel a bit ‘taut’ in those couple of days though I couldn’t see any bubbling yet.

It only started peeling Wednesday this week (so 7 days after for me)


ID pictures 013It was quite easy to peel for most part, just really messy. The sole was the hardest to peel. I noticed it was so much easier to peel after a hot shower when the skin is really wet. So perhaps to encourage easier peeling, just dip your feet into a bucket of warm water every now & then, and then try to peel it.

And today (Friday 30th) was when the top part of my feet started peeling. This is what it looks like… gross, dry & diseased 😦

I guess it varies for everyone. For now I just have to keep scrubbing this off in the shower & moisturizing it. I wished the product came with an ‘after care packet’ ie. small pumice, scrub or moisturiser sachet specially made to moisturise the dry skin instead of just the gel. Right now I’m feeling that this is just an once off thing for me & I most likely will not buy this item again. I think if they extend the range or put more packets in the box as well, it will maintain customers. As for now, I’d have to wear socks to stop the flaking from falling all over the bed & also tights so that no one gets shocked by my horrid feet! The positive is that the gel actually works though. It does make your skin feel very soft after. Hope this review helped your choice in buying this product.

ID pictures 014


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