7 Days of Lip Colour

Remember this post? After a whirlwind week of trying it out, here are the results.


ID pictures 013_副本[Day 1 in Ballet by Hourglass– Waxy Buttery texture]

ID pictures 012_副本[Day 2 in Blushing Nude by Clinique. A glossy finish, smooth & buttery texture.]

ID pictures 014_副本_副本


[Day 3 in Romance by Witchery. Glossy finish, creamy texture & intense colour. I bought this for $10 at a Witchery clearance, not sure if they still make this colour.]

ID pictures 010_副本_副本[Day 4 in Red Sinner by Lipstick Queen. Matte finish, dry, must use a brush or will be uneven as very intense colour. Very 50’s pin up feel?]

ID pictures 004_副本

[Day 5 in colour #600 by Giorgio Armani. Amazing. High gloss finish, intense colour, smooth buttery texture, expensive lippie but the quality is amazing!]

ID pictures 015_副本[Day 6 in Orchidee by Chanel Rouge Coco. Matte finish, dry & a little waxy texture…not really a fan]

ID pictures 006_副本[Day 7 in Mauve-lous from Maybelline Coloursensational collection. Subtle gloss finihs, intense colour & for the price & quality- super affordable! A plus. One of my favourite colours as it does make me look slightly vampy haha]

Which is your favourite lipstick or lip colour? Any recommendations welcome! 🙂



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