A Day with Saibo no Akuma




In this new age world where you can purchase things at a touch of a button in the comforts of your own home, it is nice to know brick & mortar stores that provide awesome customised private services still exist (with complimentary sake too). Admittedly, I too like to shop online yet I still crave for the ‘feel & touch’ of items before I click that purchase button. G & I are on the hunt for groomsmens shirts & what other than seek help from our tailor friends at Saibu no Akuma. We are too reluctant to buy shirts online because of sizing, yet stores in the mall provide the crappiest service & expect to sell shirts at $200 a pop with lacklustre quality. At Saibu no Akuma, the customer is the designer. We had a lot of fun just sitting back, having a chat whilst personalising our shirts- from materials, to cuffs & collars – they just make your vision come to life. What better to spend less than the stores & have your shirts customised to fit you with your choice of patterns, colours & look? You can also check out their Instagram page here 🙂


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