Lipstick Challenge

So I was too unwell to go to work and as I’m home tidying up, I ended up counting all the lipsticks that I own. I’m not a lippie person, though I have a small collection of lipsticks from various brands collecting dust from the result of superfluous impulse purchases (total waste I know). I mean, I like the idea of wearing lipsticks and always admired them on other people, but never end up having the guts to wear them out myself- especially in the day time, preferring instead to dab them on ever so lightly that I might as well not wear any at all! Usually after looking like Ronald McDonald, I end up wiping the whole thing off! The worst is when I have the occasional dry lips, my lipstick tend to look super flaky…so I’ve been put off wearing lipstick for a while. As for gloss, I find them mildly annoying, especially when strands of my hair get stuck on them, or when they turn into a white clump in the inner corners of the lip which makes me look like a sickly, dehydrated zombie. Coincidentally, one of my new years resolutions was to try new things, so I challenged myself to wear out all my lip colours that I own (10 in fact). Results to be continued…



[Colour from Left to Right: CandyDoll (from Tokyo) in 1L, Hourglass (from MECCA) in Ballet, Clinique in Blushing Nude, Maybelline Coloursensational in Coral Crush, Chanel Rogue Coco in Orchidee, Witchery in Romance, Sportsgirl in Sweet Valentine, Lipstick Queen (from MYERS) in Red Sinner, Giorgio Armani in 600?, Maybelline Coloursensational in Mauve-Lous]


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