Best of April 2014 – Reflection of Home

This end of April would mark almost 3 months of my stay at G’s house. We live about 5 minutes away from each other yet the idea of ‘home’- whether at his or mine, still feel a bit far. Everything from bedrooms & furniture still feels temporary & detached. Since young, I have moved ‘homes’ more than a dozen times which on a positive note reminds me a bit of being an adventurous nomad, but at times I can get really… homesick. So, I am pleased to say that we are about to begin the gruelling & exciting process of building a home & excited to finally have a place of our own. It’s something else to look forward to at the end of this year besides the wedding & I will definitely share some photos!

Here is my best of April moments.

IMG_1756_副本[The rainbows of April, discovering new places to eat awesome souvlaki at Kalimera, selling my junk at Camberwell market, Sydney Easter road trip & crazy nights out & in, John Mayer, wedding invitations & my old man being here]


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