Beauty Review: The Right Eyeliner

Ever since my teen years of dappling with make-up, my biggest defeat would have to be getting the right eyeliner- Until I was recommended these: Stila’s ‘Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner‘ by @emmyconfetti. We had went out clubbing & slept with our make-up on (I know gross) and she woke up the next morning with her eyeliner still amazingly INTACT & smudge free- which was a very BIG deal for me. You see, I have double eyelids, but they are heavy eyelids which droops over the first fold. To make matters worse, I have slightly oily eyelids too, which always resulted in my eyeliner leaving a half moon imprint at the top part, or smudged below the eyes- making me look like an angsty teenage punk. It doesn’t matter if I pay top dollar for the eye-liner, the result will always be the same- and eye primer doesn’t actually help me (unless you guys can recommend me any good ones!) I have trialled with so many- none of which were great, that I seriously had lost faith in the product altogether! Thus was my forever half-hearted search for the right eyeliner, until now. And because I’m partial to eyeliner pens for easy grip & smooth flow, this version compared to the gel pots was a bonus for me. I bought this for $32 from MECCA. And true to its word, the Stila pen had a very easy grip & fluid ink flow. The brush had a fine but firm tip so it’s not too hard for the impatient hand when drawing lines & finally the matt finish last for hours & hours- no smudging!

And we lived happily ever after, thank you Emily 🙂

Below from left is the Stila’s predecessors: [From left] Chanel’s Illusion D’Ombre in ‘Mirifique’ gel eyeliner that doubles as an eyeshadow too when smudged. It comes with a cute little brush. Gives off a luxe glittery finish. [Middle] Stila’s ‘Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner & [Right] Drug store cheap brand eyeliner- W.Seven Automatic Eyeliner pen

SONY DSC IMG_2226 IMG_2244_副本[Top to Bottom: W.Seven Eyeliner, Stila & Chanel]

IMG_2245_副本IMG_2251_副本[Me wearing the Stila’s ‘All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner‘]


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