A Glimpse of Easter

So I read this fact that really tripped me out: when we remember an event that happened, it is actually us remembering the last time we remembered it happen.

I just got totally mind fucked

Anyway, here is a glimpse of my Easter break. For the most part of it, I spent it on the road toward NSW ( I guess this is the closest I would feel compared to being a rock star roadie sans the big cosy VIP trailer & entourage) Once there, we spent it with G’s family eating and….you guessed it, more eating. We would then scramble to get ready to head out in the evening, but with Sydney’s ridiculous efforts to curb trouble with the 1:30AM lock out & no shots after a certain hour, it dampened our hype a little. On top of that, because it was an Easter Good Friday, all bars are closed (we wanted to check out Newtown which is apparently Brunswick equivalent in Melbourne) We ended up at the Cherry Bar at the Star casino where we were joined with a plethora of other nocturnal beings seeking the same thing- except there were absolutely no standards in the Star compared to Crown Casino. A bum could literally go in there & sleep by the slots machines if he wanted to- so don’t bother dressing up. On top of that, there were these annoying group of parasites  guys who kept trying to sell us tickets to go to Marquee. Don’t even bother unless you love to wait in line for 2 hours & then being shoved around inside a hot small room full of teenagers in bandage dresses & pay triple the price of a drink you would not normally pay for rationally & also risk the chance of being bashed to death by a group of Asians because you accidentally brushed shoulders with a chick. Just my imagination or is this true?  Maybe I’m just old nowadays. The trip also consisted lots of Pekingese puppy cuddles, coffee, Chinese laundry & Swissotel

What did you guys get up to?

SONY DSC[But first, coffee]SONY DSC[Most important thing is to keep the phone “alive”]

SONY DSCIMG_2014_副本[Beer before breakfast]SONY DSC

IMG_2012_副本SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC[What shall we name you?]IMG_2052_副本IMG_2085_副本[Nails did]IMG_2098_副本SONY DSC

[More puppies]

IMG_2123IMG_2068 [Sis-in-Law & Cousin at the Cherry Bar, Star Casino]IMG_2115[Good night in Swissotel]


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