Happy Easter Week-End

As I’m writing this post, I am 2 hours away from Melbourne, riding in the FJ on the way back home. Thus comes the end of another awesome week(end) I am busting with anticipation to go home & see my Dad who arrived this morning from Jakarta, so no doubt that tonight will be another late night for me. Will take it easy tomorrow at work seeming 90% of the office have extended their leave- something I should have done (Damn!) Another awesomeness tomorrow in comparison to last weeks dreadful Tuesday- John Mayer concert which G is taking me to! Anyway, I shall end this post with a grateful note- Thank You Sydney for showing us an awesome time – Especially Chinese Laundry/ Swissotel & the kwazy girls- Emily #1 (who couldn’t entice the valet to stay & party), Emily #2 (who made delivered the funniest sound ever “uhh”) & Sonia (aka bed hog and your talk about serotonin levels). Cheers to family & new friends! Melbourne for you guys soon?

Happy Easter once again! Xo


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