My Saturdays @ Friends of Mine & Frozen

After what felt like the longest week at work, I was looking forward for a laid back Saturday & Sunday. Because I work 7 days a week, my only spare time to enjoy the mornings & afternoons is on Saturdays & Sundays before 4pm. I love it when there is no commitment on the day- I could sleep in just that little bit more & the use the rest of the day by exploring new places to eat with G. It only got better because today was such a beautiful sunny day- a rarity during the wet Autumns in Melbourne. G & I went to brunch at ‘Friends of Mine‘. I absolutely adore the rustic warehouse feel of the interior, with a slight juxtapose of vintage elegance. We had fro-yo for dessert after at Frozen in South Yarra. What’s your Saturdays like?

SONY DSC[Nicholas skirt print]

04a14033b8ea15d70aec4e9083476cafSONY DSC


SONY DSC[Outfit: Striped top from Sportsgirl, Skirt by Nicholas, Oxford shoes from Zara]


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