Brow Time

A friend of mine commented I have perfect symmetrical eyebrows- though I beg to differ. For 1, Without drawing them, my eyebrows are pretty non-existent except of the parts that just make it look unflattering. Also, I noticed that in photos, my brows disappear when I don’t darken it, and in its place is this weird clump of light shade of grey- which brings me back to point no.1. Ever since, I always had envy for people who have dense eyebrows that are so perfectly groomed- they don’t even need to draw it in. I started drawing my brows when I was about 16 years old & over the years, my method of drawing & choice of eyebrow pencils/powders have changed dramatically (pencils are still my top choice)  I was really into thin ‘arched’ eyebrows throughout my high school & college years, and then only realised too late how much older it made me look & not to mention, bitchy. Today, I am into thicker & darker type eyebrows- thanks to the delightful Cara Delevigne. I finally felt that this type of eyebrow frames my face shape better. Anyway, here is how I do it. (As previously mentioned, I wasn’t lying when I said my brows look non-existent when I don’t draw them- as you can also see from the first picture)

After putting on foundation & powder, I use my L’oreal Colour Riche brow pencil to draw 2 vertical lines at the start of the brow. Because my brows are really short & sparse, I extend this line ever so slightly so it looks like my brow is longer. Be careful not to extend so much that you look like you have a unibrow!



I then draw the outline of the shape I want. I end the brow parallel to where my eye ends as well, inching it downward. It would look uneven if your brow is longer than the length of your eye.SONY DSC

I fill in this outline with the brow pencil with a gentle hand & constantly smudging it with the spool of my eyebrow pencil.SONY DSC





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