Best of March 2014

I saw this post from one of my favourite blogs “A Beautiful Mess” and I am truly inspired. I have been posting on my Instagram account (@ellebambi)of little things throughout my daily routine that made me smile – though I’ve lost count of how many days it has been for me. It’s funny how when you are living in a moment, time seems to go by slowly & I had wished many times before that it could go a little faster, but as soon as it ‘ends’, you realise it how short it all was & that “Today is the oldest you’ll ever be, and the youngest you’ll ever be again” So with the #100daychallenge I really look forward to take a step back, appreciate & be grateful. Here is my Best of March 2014 compilations


[Engagement party, newborn puppies, best friend Sandra & Sunday Camberwell market, meeting Oscar for the first time, Dave Chapelle, fur coats, new sunnies & birthdays with Banana fritters]


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