Post April Fools Day!

There is always a slight melancholic vibe to an end of a month, but for me, this is usually quickly replaced with anticipation for the new month. Half of my March was filled with errands for my Engagement party, and the next half just felt dull & uneventful (aside from visiting the Sunday Camberwell market for the first time) Now that it is April, I am suddenly reminded that I have a wedding in about 8 months! (Yikes!) This month, I hope to progress again with my wedding planning & I’ve got to prepare for my stall at the markets this Sunday which will keep me busy this week. Come visit if you like- Stall 3 on the 06/04/2014, open until 12.30PM! My Dad will also be visiting from Jakarta- he will be bringing my Wedding Invites which my sister organised for me in Indonesia. Super excited for that! As for April Fools day, in the spirit of the tradition, I was busy pranking the office with these simple pranks!

Happy Belated April Fool’s Day everyone! What did you do for April Fools?

71m+0P7nZzL._SL1500_[ I printed these & stuck them in random toilet cubicles & quote “Hey Girl, lets play a game”, a colleague’s unlocked locker, in the mug cupboard in the lunch room]



[I used old receipts & stuck them on random colleagues car windows]


[I then printed SIMILAR post as above on our printers]


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