Red Red Wine : Sangria

Easy Sangria Recipe!


Red wine is usually not the choice of drink when you are having a barbecue, but serving it cold & infused with many other fruity flavours complements the heavy meat combinations & thus makes it easy to drink.

I know that Sangria is usually synonymous with Summer instead of Autumn, but ever since trying out this easy Sangria recipe here, I just had to share our own tweaks to the recipe!

We made this halfway the night before the Engagement party & then added the fizzy lemonade & ice on the day to serve.


2 Bottles of Cab Sav

Leftover goon- bag of Sweet Red (Lambrusco will do) (1/4 of the goon bag or half a bottle)

2 Lemons sliced

Box of Strawberries

1 Apple sliced

You can also add raspberries, peaches, Chambord, mint etc…

Leaving overnight is best as the fruits absorb the wine. We made this on a Friday night to serve on Saturday.

When you are about to serve, add a bottle of soda water OR if you have sweet tooth like me, add instead Lemonade & sweeten to your liking.

Add ice cubes & voila~

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