Trendy vs Classic

I recently complained that I haven’t ‘got’ myself anything lately- more specifically clothing. It felt like everyday I was playing merry-go-round with the contents of my cupboard. And today as I wore my old CUE blazer, I noticed it is a size 6- which was my size like 10 years ago. But hey! It amazed me that my simple black blazer had lasted me THAT long.

Still, everytime I make a promise to look for a new ‘investment’ piece to replace my old one, my eye starts to wonder at something else more distinctive- like a that bright crimson blazer from Zara, or that embellished coat from Top Shop, the punk rock number from Storets….

It dawned to me that the list of things I ‘want’ versus what I ‘need’ are becoming more & more non-linear. I tend to choose trendy items compared to iconic & classic pieces- for instance, I was this close to buying a long soft tulle skirt ala what the Blonde Salad wore here when I should really be buying perhaps a skirt which I can wear… to work? Or perhaps pants? Boring

When you weigh up the longevity of ready-to-wear by its style, price & whether it is just ‘another trend of the season’, it is no wonder most sensible people would prefer to buy classic conventional pieces rather than trends of the moments. Nevertheless, there is just something alluring about those flamboyant pieces. Don’t you think?

Here are some of my favourites & slightly opposite styles from online store Storets

I’d like to know, are you like me? Or do you prefer the classic stuff?

Classic: Black/White Top

1 (2)

Trendy: Explicit Sweater

1 (1)

Classic: Beige Trenchcoat

2 (2)Trendy: Lilac Trenchcoat


Classic: Black Faux Mink Coat [Both as seen on Chiara Ferragni from the Blonde Salad]

2 (1)Trendy: Pink Ostrich feather coat [Both as seen on Chiara Ferragni from the Blonde Salad]


Classic: Black Blazer


Trendy: Scalloped Peach Blazer3


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