My Crazy Week

Phew! The past 2 weeks couldn’t go past sooner enough & boy am I glad it is finally over. It was definitely 2 weeks I struggled with this year. We had been preparing for the impending engagement party happening Sat, March 15. The groomsmen came over one Sunday afternoon armed with garden weapons & started attacking our Amazonian backyard. I think they got super excited over Andys new chainsaw that they just randomly went overboard started chopping trees & bushes. A super special thanks to: Ben & Alvin for braving the swarm of insects to do what you do & much love to Leong, Dao, Andy & Andrew for the hardwork!

I then spent Monday Labour Day tackling & wrestling cleaning up & weeding our front yard & driveway, which was plagued with these weeds that have those roots that connect to all the way to Never-ever-land. Thank the gods I have awesome sisters with Arnie arms because we literally went from 9am to 5pm just weeding & hoe-ing (haha hoeing) My bro- in- law suddenly became an expert tree killer- chopping down more random branches with his mini rechargeable saw & digging up tree stumps- G on the other hand, just wanted to wreck things. A super special thanks & respect to my warrior sisters: Mimi, Tammi & Delinda. Tammi for being an expert bush trimmer, Mimi for being the ‘snail whisperer’ & Delinda for just being a homie. For a moment we did become a tad delirious from all that weeding & sniffing manure… because we have never been more excited than to find satisfaction of pulling out a weed that lead to more weeds that lead to its weed/root family all the way the other end. Yep… we did go crazy for a bit.

I definitely have so much respect for the guys who do this sort of stuff for a living because by evening all of us had really sore ankles, arms & back.




20140317-202324.jpgAfter :

20140317-202307.jpgOn top of that, we all had our normal 9-5 day jobs & we recently had a new baby in the Tran household – Oscar the baby Dacshund, who had been crying & whimpering non-stop at odd hours of night & morning. At one point I was on the verge of a mental & physical breakdown from the stress I was coping. I had terrible mood swings & was easily annoyed over the smallest things 😦

20140317-201656.jpg[Oscar when he isn’t psycho]

The few days before the forthcoming engagement, we decorated the sheltered part of our driveway/backyard with white lanterns that I bought from Ebay. We bought fairy lights from Bunnings & hung that up too. I sourced cute paper Doilies from Etsy & stuck that up on my window. I pulled out some decorations that I’ll be using at our wedding as well- I figured what a waste if it’s only used just once, so might as well make the most of it.

ID pictures 061 ID pictures 063ID pictures 064SONY DSC ID pictures 065

ID pictures 066


[Little funny tags I made to name the after effects of drinking too much]

ID pictures 070Found an old IKEA mirror in the garage which I ended up using as a message board with a dry erase marker. Started painting that and then got the itch to paint more, so Delinda & I started painting the gate. Thanks Delinda- I’m sure the painting skills will definitely help you in your future nursing career- somehow haha.

ID pictures 068ID pictures 067“Come as you are, stay as long as you can, we are all family now, so no seating plan”

So the day arrived, we bought a cartload & more of goodies from Costco.

Had a simple game to make it fun. I got the guys to write an anonymous ‘advice’ for me & the girls to write one for G. During the afternoon, we had our speeches & then got each of the guys to read a message of advice for Graham- the ones written by the girls & vice versa. It turned out to be really funny & moral of the story is… The women are always RIGHT. So there.

We also had a dessert competition & everyone was super impressed with the turnout. Congrats to AC for winning hearts with her ‘Green Tea Crème Brule’ & David… I voted for those Smores… wish there was leftovers!

ID pictures 062[Watermelon Yoghurt Cake]

ID pictures 069

[Key Lime Pie- this was my creation :)]ID pictures 071[The winner of the night- Green Tea Creme Brulee]

ID pictures 072[Apple Pie Crumble]

ID pictures 073[Triple Choc Fudge Brownie]

ID pictures 074[Smores]20140317-184422.jpg[Strawberry Nipples]

20140317-184433.jpg[Raspberry & Lemon Syllabub]

20140317-184441.jpg[Smores Log Cake]


[Choc-Coconut Bounty Shots]

We ended up giving out mini patron bottles to the boys & mini lavender candles for the girls as a little thank you gift 🙂

What a weekend.

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