Simple Wedding DIY Ideas

By no means I am a DIY Master. Most of the things I usually make turn out looking like a kids arts & crafts assignment. And the thought of outsourcing bibs & bobs from various arts stores honestly gives me the cringes.

However, ever since the upcoming wedding, I have been channelling my ‘inner’ DIY goddess hehe. Being able to save a couple of hundreds here & there gives me a sense of accomplishment & pushes me forwards to look for more ideas & inspiration. It also gives me that fulfilment & an imaginary F finger to those wedding suppliers that rip people off.

Hopefully some of these very simple ideas could serve as a guide for you as well:

Wedding bouquets. 

For my sisters wedding back in Sept 2011, we ended up paying nearly a grand for 3 bouquets & 5 boutonnieres & 2 corsages. Keeping in mind my sister & brother in law only had 4 in their bridal party (which included me) And since G & I will be having 11 in our bridal party, that predicted cost is simply impossible to fork out (come on! 1K for flowers?!)

So instead, I will be outsourcing a bulk amount of one of my all time favourite flowers- Gypsophilas aka Baby’s Breath. Buying in bulk also means I could get it at wholesale prices. Gypsophilas are not only affordable, they are beautiful, dreamy like & extremely hardy & long lasting throughout the hot summer weather. (Our wedding will be in Dec- so in the summer for Melbourne)

I will be making my bridesmaids bouquets- a total of 6! All I need is a bunch cut into desired stem length, ribbon in your choice of colour, or for a more rustic theme, twine is also great & affordable! voila~

Below are some of  the pictures that inspired me. This method is not limited to just Baby’s Breath, you can have Roses or Lisianthus & there are many videos available on YouTube to help you.

One of the links that really helped me is this. Check it out! 🙂

AustinBeccaDetails92 acf1387 babys-breath-bouquets-4


Wine Bottle Table Numbers: 

I don’t want to settle for the tacky default table numbers option that come with the venue. Instead, I have collected used wine bottles & reused them as ‘chalkboard’ table numbers! (If you are not a wine drinker, ask your friends to save you some empty bottles!)

On top of that, I have purchased the below just from an arts & craft store

1. Chalkboard paint

2. A rolley sponge brush & tray

3. Twine

All you have to do, is soak the wine bottles in hot water (give it about 20-30 mins), until you are able to peel off the labels easily. Once peeled off, wipe bottle clean of any glue residue using baby oil or vinegar & dry. Then give a couple of generous coats of Chalkboard paint (for mine I did 3 times, allowing some time to dry in between) & voila!

Just use Chalk or White permanent marker to draw cute designs for table numbers!

Some of pictures that inspired me from Pinterest.



Alternatively you can stick printed table numbers on the filled wine bottles & give that away to a random guest on the table!


Hope these help! 🙂

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