A Glimpse of White Night

I find that when you fill your week with activities after work, it makes the week go by faster & thus allows you to reach a desired date a lot sooner. It doesn’t always mean going out for dinner & catch up drinks after work, but something like cooking, watching an old movie, having friends over,the gym- or for me Blogging, could also be a great time killer. Highlights of the past week included a trip to Ace Karts down on the west side of Melbourne to celebrate Graham & Ben’s birthday, and a great (and drunk) reunion with my ex-colleagues from NAB at Alumbra in Docklands. Then we checked out White Night Melbourne after a busy night working at the restaurant- though I didn’t get to see much of what I intended to due to the massive crowd. My favourite bit was chilling by the RMIT grass area. What about yours?

Phew! – I really cannot wait for this Thursday & the weekend where G & I will be making our way up to Tasmania to finally relax…

Anyway, Happy Monday!

Here are some photos from White Night 🙂

IMG_0937_副本[The Westin]


[Colourful Blac performing ‘Heaven’ at Collins St]

IMG_0893_副本_旋转[Flinders Lane]



[State Library]

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