Now that Valentine’s Day is well & truly over, here are 3 things I love which are reminiscent of last week!

20140218-205809.jpg(French Toast)

This is actually my first ever French Toast & proud to say that my soon to be hubby loves it. Will be making more of these in the future. Recipe in this post.


(Rose) The red rose G gave me which is also a nice reminder of the Rose ring he proposed to me with. Alongside with one of my favourite editions of Vogue Australia with Lana Del Rey on the cover. Lana is also one of the few artists I really admire.


(Photo) Finally, this photo is a new favourite although the poor quality! It’s actually made up of 2 separate shots. It was taken in the alleyway right outside Tonka- the restaurant we went to for Valentine’s Day dinner. A mini review in the previous post. Since there was no one that could take the shot for us, I had to piece the separate shots together with the ‘Frametastic’ app on my iPhone.

What are your 3 favourite things from the past weekend?

*For more random pics, follow me on Instagram @ellebambi

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